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42 Front Street
Port Jervis, New York



Foundry Theater Company Mission

Foundry Theater Company at Foundry42 includes workshops for k-4, middle school and high school students, pop-up fx makeup classes and one-on-one training sessions

Foundry Theater Company Mission

Theatre Arts Training at The Foundry Theater Company is a process-based program dedicated to providing professional theatre experiences and education to build curious, creative and confident young artists and people. We are more interested in what happens along the journey, from the first day to the last, than in a polished product. With this focus on the education experience, our classes take place in spaces not stages.

All students are welcome to participate in all classes (with the exception of audition-based programs). We acknowledge and support that engagement and success looks different for each student, and the faculty prioritizes keeping their teaching style, activities, and goals flexible to the needs of our students.

Statement of Inclusion

“The arts are an essential element of education, just like reading, writing, and arithmetic…music, dance, painting, and theater are all keys that unlock profound human understanding and accomplishment.” –William Bennett, Former US Secretary of Education

We believe the arts make us better people, pure and simple. As part of The Foundry Theater Company’s commitment to access and inclusion, we make intentional choices in our classroom practices to ensure a welcoming space for people of all abilities, ethnicities, economic statuses, sexual orientations, and gender identities. Our faculty is happy to work with families to meet students’ individual physical, learning, and social needs. If there are ways we can be more welcoming to your family, please let us know at

*All classes listed meet the state and national standards of learning.