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Mandy is amazing! You will not find a better or more caring mentor/director/teacher. The confidence and growth in my daughter under Mandy's tutelage is immeasureable. More importantly, I am forever grateful to Mandy for showing my daughter how important it is to always put your best foot forward, remain positive, and be the best person you can be!

-Jennifer B.

Cooper took me from being a good singer to a great singer. He knows his craft from his years of applied performance…not just from a text book. And I might add…he makes work fun!

-Brandy B.

Our daughter worked with Mandy for four weeks during a summer camp and she gained so much confidence.  The difference in her stage presence was amazing.  Mandy’s positive demeanor and insightful instruction creates a positive learning environment for her students.

-Melissa H.

"I can't say enough about what Mrs. Mandy Bruno has meant to my daughter and all the things she has learned over the past few years about the industry under her tutiledge. Mrs. Bruno not only directed my daughter in a few productions that were so wonderful to watch, but through her teaching abilities,  she enriched her skills as an actress and helped her understand what goes on behind the scenes to make a production work. Mrs. Bruno has nurtured  my daughter's love for the stage so much that she now wants to go on to Film School after High School and possibly write/direct her own musical some day. I can't say enough about Mrs. Mandy Bruno and her skills as a teacher, actress, and person. 

-D Borgia

There aren’t enough words to describe how FABULOUS Miss Mandy is. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does. She has a way of bringing out the BEST in each student...each kid...each actor/actress. She is a GREAT leader, a hard worker, and a kind person. She means the world to SO many people. 

I could never thank her enough for believing in my son, for supporting him, teaching him, and showing him the way. She turned the light on inside of him so that he could shine up on that stage...and I am forever grateful!!!

-Leanne S.

Mandy Bruno is the reason I’m currently enrolled in college for a BFA in Musical Theatre. She had pushed all my limits, and for perfect reasons. To make me a better actress. She devotes time and patience to those she teaches and it shows. Mandy was the best thing that ever happened to my acting/singing career, and is someone I hold very dear to my heart. You would be a lucky one to study under her.

-Rylee M.

Mandy is an amazing teacher and mentor. She took our daughter under her wing and not only taught her about being an actress and stage performer, but helped prepare her for what comes next. Our daughter was accepted to the musical theater program at Marymount Manhattan College.

-Gino M. 

"Mandy is an amazing performer to watch, a perfectionist! I've worked with Mandy myself in the audition room & onstage, as a more inexperienced actor in comparison, as well she has worked with my daughter & other family members.  I can attest that as a director/instructor, she is passing it down in the most encouraging, creative way possible!"

-Katy C. 

"Mandy Bruno is phenomenal.  My 15 year old daughter was fortunate enough to be part of many productions directed by Mandi.  It was wonderful for us to watch her grow as a performer.  Mandi is patient, kind and teaches to each of the students individual strengths."

- Frani Mancuso, Parent

We had the privilege to work with Mandy Bruno (aka Miss Mandy) for the past 3 years. My son took 2 years of her acting class and worked on several productions with her as the director. From the very moment he met her she immediately made him feel relaxed, welcomed and inspired. She has an amazing ability to combine fun with learning all while treating young children with respect and kindness. There were numerous times my son played a role on stage and did something that made his character stand out, he always attributed to a lesson from one her acting classes. In addition to having an extremely positive experience with Miss Mandy, her commitment and passion showed in all aspects of her work. 

-Andrea Osman

I can not thank you Mandy enough for her kindness, passion and talent. These past few years she has inspired my son both on and off the stage. She has not only helped him grow as a performer but also as a young man. I will forever be grateful that she came into our lives. Everyone has that one mentor or teacher they always admire and will never forget. She will always be that person to DaiCoda!

-Jennifer S.

Mandy has been a wonderful teacher and mentor to my girls. They have grown so much as performers and people under her direction. Her passion and commitment shine through every thing she does. The productions she directs are amazing. I am shocked by the talent she brings out of each of her students. I feel so lucky that my girls have had the experience of working with her. 

-Joyce P.