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It's a Wonderful Life Radio Play

It’s a Wonderful Life-A Live Radio Play

The Foundry Theater Company is pleased to announce a live musical radio play performance of “It’s A Wonderful Life” this holiday season. Roles will be played by a mix of both professional and non-professional, local actors.

The radio play is adapted from Frank Capra’s holiday classic of the same name. It tells the story of George Bailey, who has spent his entire life giving to the people of Bedford Falls. But when his world falls apart at the seams, he’s given the rare chance of seeing what the world would be like if he was never born.

This timeless tale will be brought to life on the Foundry Loft stage with performances on Friday December 20th, Saturday December 21st and Sunday December 22nd. It will be produced in the style of an old-fashioned radio show, complete with costumed actors and live sound effects to bring that vintage 1940s radio charm. It’s a Yuletide treat the whole family can enjoy. 


The Foundry Theater Company will be holding auditions on Monday, October 7th, from 5pm-8pm and Saturday, October 12th, from 12pm to 3pm. Those interested in auditioning should contact the director Mandy Bruno to schedule their 10-minute time slot at Actors should come prepared to perform a short monologue, sing a few bars from their favorite holiday song
(A cappella), and do a cold read of an excerpt from the script.

Roles are available for up to five men and two women. Lighting, sound effects, costuming and set design volunteers are also invited to contact Mandy at

Rehearsal schedules will be announced once a cast is solidified.

For more information or to schedule an audition time, contact Mandy at



Male - 20s-30s, any ethnicity - plays George Bailey and Young George. Dare I say it, a Jimmy Stewart-type. When we meet him, he is an ambitious young man filled with ambition and dreams. Ready for adventure. When we later meet George Bailey, he’s crumbling under the pressures of providing for his family and his town. He is quick to anger and desperate – desperate enough to think the world is better off without him. Kind at heart. Truly a good man.


Male - 30s-50s, any ethnicity - plays Announcer, Mr. Gower, Henry F. Potter, Uncle Billy Bailey, Joseph, Ernie, Pete Bailey, Mr. Bailey, Old Man Collins, Ed, Pete, Man, Nick, Bridge Keeper, Binky, Cop. Very versatile actor. Must be able to embody and vocally present as the smug, self-righteous Potter and the bumbling Uncle Billy. Must be transformational and be able to vocalize many different characters – pretty much the entire town.


Female - 20s-30s, any ethnicity - plays Mary Hatch and Young Mary. She is a strong, kind, loving woman. Loves her husband and her family. She is juggling everything at the holiday time because her husband is distracted with work issues.


Female - 30s-40s, any ethnicity - plays Violet Black, Young Violet, Rose Bailey, Matilda, Ruth Dakin Bailey, Mrs. Hatch, Mrs. Thompson, Schultz, Zuzu Bailey, Janie Bailey, Sadie Vance. Must believable be able to play/voice young, Zuzu, our Violet as we meet her and Violet if her life didn’t quite turn out the way she hoped. Must be incredibly versatile and transformative. Able to voice all the ladies of the town.


Male - 30s-40s, any ethnicity - Radio performer, plays Harry Bailey, Young Harry, Bert the Cop, Clarence Oddbody, Sam Wainwright, Giuseppe Martini, Dr. Campbell, Charlie, Man, Horace the teller, Mr. Welch, Tommy Bailey, Sheriff. The heart of this track is the loveble, slightly bumbling Clarence Oddbody, and angel out of time and place. Also must be able to handle Italian dialect, and be very versatile and transformative. Large vocal range – and able to handle a variety of characters.